Peugeot 106 Rallye 16v 1997/2010.

Optimal 0-1600ccm N2/Group E. The car, which is among the five most beautiful in Denmark, is untaxed and built first as TU5J2/8v for Danish GHG-0057 homologation and changed in 2012 to TU5J4/6v for Danish GHG-0034 homologation (DASU document) Pass-book No 4000 without comment. All documents are available. Built in 2010 from scratch with a naked, stainless steel, sandblasted and primed karosse. See photo collage here:

·         FIA approved OMP cage, removable steering wheel, Sabelt seats and belts from 03/2010.

·         Manual central firesystem & 2 x 2 kg. fire extinguishers approved 04/2013.

·         Optimal TU5J4 engine built by Morten Hellenberg - run 70 km SS with DTA box of 154 HK/170Nm, 3 "exhaust with FIA cat. Last on dymotest 06/2013 @ Søgaard Effekt in Ringe.

·         Standard gearbox MA with Gripper LSD with ratio 5,15:1 and quick switch - driven 0 km SS

·         Power steering and adjustable GAZ-Gold suspension with 3 degrees negative camber - driven 250km SS.

·         Special driveshafts with loose 306Gti outer cv - run 70 km SS

·         306Gti calipers w/vented discs and standard calipers w/vented discs rear. Hydraulic horizontal hand brake w/brake controller. Standart masterbrake cylinder.

·         Accessories: Additional standard gearbox MA, 4 panel bucks, 12 original Peugeot rims w / 6 new on rims, 2 new loose and 6 used Toyo R888. 4 original white 14 "rally wheels with winter tires. Brakes for gravel for front axle, extra drive links, wishbones, various filters, special bolts, clutch, 100 liters Aspen R racing gasoline, etc.

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